New Canadian Federal Skilled Trades Program Announced

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Citizenship and Immigration Canada has announced that in an effort to address a shortage of skilled trade labour, a new Federal Skilled Trades Program is being launched on January 2, 2013.

The occupations that will be eligible for the new stream will include, but not be limited to, electricians, welders, heavy-duty equipment mechanics and pipefitters. The Federal Government has stated that a full list will be available before the program launches.

In order to qualify, applicants will need to:

  1. have a job offer in Canada or a certificate of qualification from a province or territory that shows they will be “job ready” when they arrive;
  2. have basic knowledge of French or English;
  3. have minimum two years experience as a skilled tradesperson;
  4. have the skills and experience that match the (NOC B) system.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada will accept up to a maximum of 3,000 applications in the first year of the Federal Skilled Trades Program.

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